Till Laßmann is a snap-shot illustrator. He mingles with the crowd and gets his pen on the pulse. You will meet him at weddings or any other event, where he spontaneously and straightforwardly performs his art work. The portrayed go on enjoying themselves as the passing moments are transferred to paper. With sensitivity and flair he captures gestures, situations and atmospheres in his landscape-formatted scrapbook, giving results that are more unique and genuine than any photograph.

Laßmann documents the events in an individual way according each customer's requirements. No matter the event, be it a family celebration or a company anniversary, at the end of the day there will be an album full of personal and special memories.

Testimonials: Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, IG Metall, Delphis Dialog (Presseball Hamburg) and many more, not to mention the countless wedding couples."

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wedding drawing